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Zillow Logo"The experience I had with Ms. Nourse was exceptional. At each point, she explained in depth what was going on in the process and what my options were. I felt like I was in control of the process... This is because of the time Ms. Nourse devoted to me always making herself available."
– C. Baros

Zillow Logo"I cannot recommend Liz and her team enough if you want to work with a TRUE real estate professional."
– S. Nace

Zillow Logo"She was extremely knowledgeable... her understanding of the real estate market was a huge advantage to us. Liz took the time to guide us through the process with care and professionalism; she listened to our needs, kept us informed and was there whenever we had questions or needed her support. We can’t thank Liz enough for all the hard work she put in"
– M. Silve

Zillow Logo"I can’t brag enough about Liz and her team...!! Prior to Liz, I was using a local realtor that never returned my phone calls nor answered my emails. One day on vacation Liz contacted me about my property and I have to admit, I was a little hesitant to speak with her since it just seemed like another person.... I explained my story to Liz and then decided to give her a shot. Well, she was a blessing in the sky."
– K. Mitchell

Zillow Logo"We trusted her and her company, and always felt that she genuinely had our best interest in mind."
– T. Waters

Zillow Logo"Liz helped us with several successful investment properties in Northern Virginia and managed them for years. We found Liz to be really knowledgeable, insightful and investment savvy.... she worked with us like a business partner or consultant."
– S. Teller

Zillow Logo"Liz has a phenomenal wealth of knowledge... and was able to guide us through this experience in a masterful way. Liz and her team are not only highly informed and professional, they are also dedicated, communicative, and supportive as well."
– J. Dymond

Zillow Logo"Liz and her team got my property to market very quickly and began having showings almost immediately. Five stars."
– S. Shaw